Restaurants and bistros in Doha Qatar

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Middle Eastern restaurants in Doha

The Middle Eastern cuisine or West Asian cuisine is poultry, meat or fish served with vegetables and or bread and or rice. The Middle Eastern cuisine is just like all the other cuisines from Asia, Italy or Indian a combination of recepies from the neighbourhoods and neighbouring countries. Travellers brought delicious, new spices, herbs, vegetables and sorts of meat from their travels. Those things were combined with their own cuisine. Below you will find a small collection of the many Middle Eastern restaurants in Doha, Qatar. The restaurants are not subdivided in regions yet. That could be Lebanese restaurants, Qatari restaurants, Syrian restaurants, Turkish restaurants or Arabian restaurants

Some dishes are:
Harees: soaked split wheat and meat, cooked for several hours
Margooga: meat cooked with vegetables and bread
Madhrooba: rice, vegetables, and chicken stew
Mashboos:  meal of mutton cooked until it is incredibly tender, and served with spices and rice
Kibbeh: bulger (from several different wheat species)or rice and chopped meat
Shawarma: (lambs)meat served with pita bread

Pool Grill Restaurant Doha

Pool Grill Restaurant
Four Seasons Hotel Doha, The Corniche
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: +974 44948888
Fax. +974 44948282
Restaurant Pool Grill

Manaret Beirut Restaurant

Manaret Beirut Restaurant
Al Nasr, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street
206408, Doha, Qatar
Tel.: +974 40164145 - Fax: +974 44918384
Restaurant Manaret Beirut

Al Tawash

Al Tawash
Souq Waqif
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 66878618
cuisine: traditional Qatari food

Al Sayyad Doha

Al Sayyad in the Diplomatic Club
West Bay Lagoon
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44847420
cuisine: traditional Middle Eastern seafood

Restaurant Albandar Doha

Restaurant Albandar
Souq Waqif
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 4311818
Fax: 00974 4311919

Assaha Lebanese Village Doha

Assaha Lebanese Village
Grand Hamad Street
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44355353 or 55730522

Layali Restaurant Doha

Layali Restaurant
Souq Najd, Salwa Road
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44310005


Restaurant Al Khaima
Al Sadd Road
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44446962

Sabah w Masa Doha

Sabah w Masa
Al Muthana Complex, Salwa Road
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44666001 or 44667570

Al Majlis Doha

Al Majlis
Al Sadd Road
Doha, Qatar
Tel.: 00974 44447417

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